Oh yay, we get to running see you again, but arent you supposed to already be in Brazil and prepare for that whole World Cup thingy?
Now its episode back to Kwang-soo, who freaks out episode to see a headless photozone (where one poses for pictures) of someone running holding a crocodile.
Cha has done it before, though, as he corrects Suk-jin that it wasnt four goals in seven minutes but actually three goals in five minutes.There are over 60,000 screaming fans in the stadium tonight, most of them Kwang-soo fans.Evidently, Jae-suk has to hula hoop at least three times with an eagle on his running head.Ji-sung running tries to call the deer over, but theyre disinterested.Gary: That episode just cant happen!Cha and Ji-sung share a synchronous dynamic on the field, and even though its been a number of years since Cha has actively played, his skills are still sharp.See all those ribbons tied to their tails?El Tigre is assigned to brush the lions coat, and even though the trainer puts his arm into the lions mouth to show how harmless it is (at the moment, anyway I totally understand Jong-kooks fearIve got a cat and he also hates being brushed. You edition see his reaction?!
The cast cheers their team here on from the bench, though they wonder where Kwang-soo keeps running off.Its seriously impressive how Gary doesnt let up in the slightest, and then switches out with Jong-kook.Pororo theme song playing in the background.Ji-sung pairs himself up with deer, and then Jong-kook gets back at Kwang-soo and volunteers him with the crocodile.Log in here, wANT TO adimed comment?Its hilarious how Ji-sung tries to plan everything out, like how the first interested deer is too small, so hell use its interest to lure in another one.In the second half, Gary is first to switch in, as the video clips running remind us how he was a black hole two years ago.And that punishment is epic: skydiving.But before we francais get to the wildlife, our casts first objective is the Asian Dream Cup in Jakarta, Indonesiathe match we saw them (sort of) train for last week.Running Man Episode 200 Eng Sub version has been released.Kshow123 will always be the first to have the episode so please.Awww, Ji-sungs fiancée Kim Min-ji is in attendance to cheer on Team JS intermediare Friends versus the Indonesia All-Stars.What if he was scolded by his mother!The here cast immediately greet him with the tips they learned last week, like Kwang-soos robotic kick or dribbling (that part was edited out, since we havent seen it before).

Show em what youre made of, Captain Ji!
Theres already a snake here!
He kicks a clean pass to his teammate but that ball lands jusssstt outside the goalpost.

running man episode 200