In Japan in length particular, most DJs only tend tutorial to play officially released materials, but in dubstep, its all about being at the dubstep party - you just need to be there dubstep to hear the freshest sounds.
Apart from a dubstep 12 on Deep Medi, I also released two remixes last year.The imagery from the artwork was dark, and so was the sound, and that was my starting point.I havent listened to so much dub music tutorial to be honest (laughs).One is for a British singer called Lea Lea, and another is for an artist called Danny Scrilla.Its not only to promote my music, but more about checking what other music has been played out there and experiencing tutorial it myself.When I had my first release on Deep Medi, Mala also told me not to give the track to anybody else so he length would be the only DJ in Europe to play. I can watch the keygen crowds reaction to my music, and I can also motivate myself to work on a new set to take on a tour.
So, New Epoch was the grand summation of your dubstep period in a way.Kraftwerks music is speed cold, but somehow emotional at the same time.A full meeting length with Mala, owner of the Deep Medi imprint, saw his track Cut End signed for release the following year, while the Skud label serial also imported his signature Back To Chill track to europe, quickly making Goth-Trads name well known there.I also listen more to other styles of music.Much of the album was inspired by the UKs nascent dubstep sound, and the title using of one of the tracks Back To Chill became the name of his own regular dubstep night in Tokyo.What made you start using Live?Especially in drum bass and dubstep culture, we often just episode make a dubplate book or a CD of freshly produced, unmastered track and play it out.These days I program my DJ sets with tracks from my closest people like Deep Medi family and guys I do my Back To Chill party with.In fact, people often ask me how and where do you master your track?Goth-Trad - "Cut End there are a lot of tracks like that still.