Ganon will start the battle by taking over the Princess and knocking out Midna.
You can use this to get past the force twilight field at the beginning to get the heart piece.
In mid flight up princess to the ceiling, pause the game and put an item where the iron boots were on the D-pad; make sure zelda the Iron Boots are twilight not anywhere on the D-pad.
Phasmid twilight - Eldin Bridge: The male is on the arch on the south end of the bridge.Safe fall, when you are in Ordon, pick up a chicken and run off a hill or some other high location.Use the spinner to raise the platform.When it flies in the air, wait for it to put its shield up and flaps its wings rapidly.Shoot the bell with a Bomb Arrow to get a Silver Rupee worth 200 Rupees.Howling Stone locations Just zelda before you enter the Forest Temple you automatically princess learn one move. Alternate sword sheathing Immediately after killing a monster, put away your princess sword.
While the fairy is circling around, use your bottle.The female is on folder a rock just south of the bridge.Each one will have a Red Rupee.Slash it as many times as you can.Restore health When you are low on health and are not in games the middle of something, go to Southeast Hyrule Castle tally Town.The female is found by some flowers on the southwest corner, north of the bridge.Walk around in the spring for awhile and your hearts will slowly fill.After you have filled your third Vessel folder Of Light and are again in human form, go to the Howling Stone high up on the cliff by Lake Hylia (the one you could not reach as a wolf).A kind of light will fall from the inside and stays on the roof of the house.The dvds mini-game costs 5 Rupees per play and you win 10 Rupees for each round completed.In the Zora Temple, find the room games where you get the Boss key.To get the Giant Wallet that is capable of holding 1,000 Rupees, collect all 24 Golden Bugs and then bring them to Agitha in Castle Town South Road.It will work the same as the sword.Killing rats in Gerudo Desert temple When you are in certain rooms of the temple and begin to walk funny (almost as if you have the Iron Boots private on transform into a wolf and turn on your senses.